Lars Maritime Consultant

LMC is an independent marine and engineering consultancy establishing in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2014.

We understand what does our client's needs, therefore our Site Office available at several main ports (loading/discharging port) in Indonesia such as Batam, Dumai, Palembang, Jakarta, Balikpapan, Batulicin, Tanjung Pemancingan, Banjarmasin & Makassar to reduce the expenses cost of surveyor for our client's.

LMC has personnel with the highest responsibility and experience in their field. We also maintain a high level of technical expertise to ensure the highest quality service. We continues to invest heavily on developing our team to remain ahead of the competition and continue to offer clients excellent service.

LMC provide high quality service to our clients throughout Indonesia from Sabang, Aceh until Merauke.

Our focus in Independent Marine Inspections, Marine Consultant & Naval Architecture, Supervision Liquid, Dry & Bulk Cargo and other General Commodities.

Due to high mobilization, our office now moved from Kelapa Gading to The Mansion Kemayoran Bougenville Tower Fontana, North Jakarta.
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OUR Services

OnOff Hire Bunker Survey

On/Off Hire Bunker Survey

On/Off Hire Surveys of vessels are held either before is delivered into a charter's or re-delivery from a charter's.

These surveys is principally to obtaining the correct quantity of Fuel, Gas oil, Lube oil and Sludge on-board your to be chartered and/or returned vessel. The findings will be reported in a comprehensive report.

With today's bunker fuel prices, it is very important to establish the correct quantity of the fuel that remains on-board the vessel when one charters or returns a vessel in order to avoid later claims.

Our experienced surveyors will carry complete bunker surveys for all fuel tanks including Sludge tanks.

Hull and Machinery Survey HM

Hull and Machinery Survey (H&M)

LMC attend on behalf of Hull and Machinery Underwriter Insurance to determine the cause, nature and extent of damaged and report back on potensial insurance claim.

Including structural, cargo, machinery, incident investigation (including issues of navigation and ship management) and collosion, grounding or contact incidents.

LMC will provide detail damage assessment, repair supervision, approval of repair specification and review of repair invoice.
Draft Survey

Draft Survey

A draft survey is performed by reading the vessel's draft markings at six standard points on the hull: forward, midship and towards both the port and starboard sides. Revisions for factors such as trim, water density and non-cargo weight (such as fuel oil and drinking water) are changed before calculating the cargo weight change.

Our qualified professionals have extensive experience in this service and are available to perform a draft survey and produce an independent report using our Survey Software System", based on the internationally standardised draft survey protocol. This programme calculates the loaded or discharged weight and a signed quantity agreement will be handed over to the chief officer with the draft survey report sent to the relevant parties.

When draft surveys are initiated by independent surveyors, co-operation of the ship’s officers is essential. Independent surveys should be undertaken together, during the relative survey sections, with the vessel’s chief officer and chief engineer or their appointed deputies.
Marine Cargo Survey

Marine Cargo Survey

This service encompasses all aspects of the land transportation component, and the loading, stowage, sea fastening, discharge and delivery and the verification of loading/discharging procedures.

We focus on cargo worthiness and act proactively, in assisting Master and Crew, for mitigating the risk of cargo damage.

Our team of experience surveyors is trained in the handling, segregation and storage of goods and dangerous goods.

Marine Cargo Services:
  • Loading and unloading survey
  • Damage cargo suvey
  • Pre shipment survey
  • Lashing and securing survey
  • Project cargo survey
  • General cargo, steel, graing, ore, etc.
  • Container survey

Our Clients